Friday, October 14, 2011

Allie Turned 1!!!!!!

Last week Allie turned one. This last year would haven't been the same if we didn't have our Allie with us. She is the sweetest little Bug ever. We had so much fun with her. We have recently learned that Allie loves McDonald's Cheeseburger. We decided to take her to McD's for dinner and we went with some friends, who is Allie's buddy who she is joined at the hip with, and she devoured her cheeseburger. She got some really good toys from grandma Hirschi, her Hip Buddy Sandra got her some cute shoes and an outfit,and we bought her an outfit and a little toy.
We have so much fun with our Allie bug. I made her a Ladybug cake cause when she was born we called her our ladybug

Isabelle isn't really taller then Mason she was on her tippy toes.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hirschi Family Reunion

The end of July we had a Hirschi Family Reunion and it was so much fun. We rented a house in the La Sal mountains about 40 miles south of Moab. We had lots of fun and we did so many fun activities. This pic of david is the best picture I got of the cool shirts we got.

One of the days we went to the arches national park and looked at all the "cool rocks" as my kids called them. It was so hot in Moab, but up at our house the weather was perfect. we were high enough that the weather was mild and perfect for outdoor play.

Mason and his buddy Wyatt.

My smart brother Jason made the coolest rocket launcher and all the kids decorated 2 liter bottles and shot off the rockets. They worked awesome and Jason is so smart to figure it out. we loved it. Mason was so proud of his rocket cause when it landed it didn't brake and most of them broke on the tip from impact. I made the rocket and was pretty proud of my good craftmanship.

This is my favorite picture taken. This is almost all of the grandkids. I think only 3 are missing Allie, Carter, and Parker, the 3 youngest.

We all had so much fun. We celebrated 2 birthdays and all got to see the newest Hirschi, Parker Jason and Lorisa baby. One of the best and most fun activity was the Hirschi Family Olympics. We did the javillin, shot-put and fungulator, or big slingshot. All these were done with water balloons. We also used to huge slingshots and shot 500 water balloons at each other. David got hit the most. I got it in the thigh and it left a bruise for about 2 weeks it was brutal. There was no mercy shown.
It wouldn't be a family get together without someone throwing up and this time was no exception. David and most of his family got the flu and then it just went around the family for the next 2 weeks if not more.
We had a talent show that was so much fun. My family did syncrinized swimming that consisted of my three kids getting thrown above a blanket pretending to swim. Jason and Brogan stole the show though. They did a lipsync to the song Farmers tan. Brogan was absolutely adorable. Smig you need to post it to Youtube. I can't wait to see it again.
This was truly so much fun. I can't wait till next time. I love my family so much and love how much fun we can have together. Love you all miss you so much

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Silly Allie Bug

Because I just love this kid so much I had to post these pics. Allie bug has started to eat real people food. It always happens with my kids when one of their Aunts gives them real food and then I get braver and give them more. Well, aunt Michelle fed Allie a chocolate oatmeal cookie and that started it all. I had given her cheerios before but that was about it. Then I told Michelle how old she was and that was the end of it. She is 10 months BTW. Today Rob but her in her chair and tried to feed her but she never wants to eat for him she only wants to play. He gave up and just gave her marshmellow maties, and of course a popsicle. When he went in to check on her she had marshmellows stuck all the way up her arm, which you can see in the first pic. We love our little Allie Bug. She truly is the best baby ever. All you mothers should be envious. She has the sweetest and silliest personality ever. Now if we could just get her to crawl. (Or do I really want that eeeekkk)

3 Graduations

First and foremost is the graduation of Robert from Utah state University. He graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Business. We are so proud of all the hard work he put in and being such a good daddy and husband at the same time. We knew he could do it and are excited to start a new chapter of life. As of now we are still on in pursuit of a good career and have faith that the Lord will bless us.

Isabelle graduated from Briteside Academy Preschool. She just adored preschool. She got the award for being the best helper. At graduation they sang some really cute songs and each said what they liked most about preschool. I wish I could remember what her line was. We got it all on video tho. Her shirt is her preschool shirt with the school moto "I play therefore I learn." Her teacher was amazing and a saint to teach her age group. We were so impressed by how much she taught Mason and Isabelle.

Mason also graduated from Briteside Academy preschool. Like Isabelle he loved preschool. He is always excited to learn and come home and show me what he learned on any given day. When he would come home I would ask him what he learned today at school and then he would tell me. Well, awhile after his daddy started school he would ask his daddy what he learned at school that day. Now when Rob comes home from work Mason will ask him what he did at work. Mason is growing up so fast and learned so much at Preschool I was amazed. I can't believe he will be in Kindergarten this coming Fall.

Introduction to Car Carrier Kangaroo

This is my sister-in-law. She has invented this great idea. It is so cool and when I have another baby I am totally going to use it. It is so smart and we are pretty sure there is nothing else out there quite the same. Check it out. She is selling them for about 25 a piece. She will tell you all about it. If you are using an infant car seat this is a great product to have.